By Dr. Martin M. Lwanga

The app developing company had hit a snag and revenues were flat. Fred, the owner, was worried that he could no longer meet payroll and thought of laying of some his staff. He had taken a loan which he was struggling to meet.

The software company was not short of apps coming out and her products were generally well received. But then sales were low. Virtually all Fred’s staff spent most of the day indoors crafting new apps which soon sat on the shelf and collected dust.

To increase sales Fred thought of hiring marketers, but just then an idea hit him. Why not start with his staff!

“Guys!” Fred said as he sat down in a weekly strategy meeting. “We are not performing as expected. I have been thinking of laying off some of you but just before an idea has crossed my mind. I want to see that each one of us is involved in marketing and sales of our company products! We can’t just sit here all day waiting for customers. We need to get out too and sell the company!”

“But sir,” one software engineer raised his voice. “Much as I want to see the company sell these apps I for one lack those skills. I am tech nerd and fear selling.

“Okay!” Fred said. “Then I will bring in a training instructor to teach us how we can all get involved in marketing and sales. I will also ensure that all of us have got the right tools such as business cards. pamphlets and set up social media accounts for business promotion. We need to all become marketers and sales!”

“Guys!”Marketing is for everyone!

Traditionally the function of Marketing and Sales belonged to one department yet the new thinking today is that all staff must be engaged in marketing and selling their own institutions. Even after work they must be engaged in promoting their own organization.

There was a recent institution where the chief executive was surprised to find that after work his employees not only did they fail to promote their organization but even de campaigned it. These staff were apparently not aware that by promoting their institution they were actually helping improve its revenue base and thereby guaranteeing their salary. It did not occur to them that they should be marketers of their organization after work.

To enable all staff acquire Marketing and Sales skills, aside from training and equipping staff with tools, like social media, organization must also include this aspect as one of the key results area in their performance contracts. Targets for bringing in clients should be set! During the period of evaluation every staff should share how he has been bringing in new customers to the organization as a way of ensuring the organization can still afford him.

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