Effective Customer Care

Rationale: No organization can survive with poor customer care. All business and organizations rise and fall on customer care.   To build a sustainable and winning business, every organization needs to continuously assess how it treats customers. This course will equip you with all important customer care skills.

Target Group: Staff in public, private and NGO. Individuals running private business


From this course you will be able to:

  • Appreciate what customer is and purpose
  • Learn how to Manage customers
  • Acquire Skills in Building a Customer Service Organization
  • Learn how to Manage the Front and Back Desk
  • Develop skills how to handle customer complaints
  • Know how to communicate with customers
  • How to retain customers

Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction to Customer Care

Module 2: Managing Customers

Module 3: Customer Service Organization

Module 4: Customer Centered Vision and Mission

Module 5: Customer Identification and Segmentation

Module 6: Front Desk Management

Module 7: Handling Customer Complaints

Module 8: Communicating to Customers

Module 9: Building customer loyalty

Module 10: Customer Recovery Plans

Case Study:

Customer Care as a Competitive edge


LSK: 19- 04

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